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Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, ex- chief Rabbi of Israel, shlita
The Zohar states that the greatest action in all of creation, beloved by the Master of the universe, is to help the sinner to change his ways. This is exactly what Rabbi Hazan OBM did in his lifetime and thankfully, he is being followed by his son. The Kerens work is of the utmost importance, and it is meritorious to help his organization to continue in its precious work and to assist in the widest possible way. All those who support this worthy cause will be blessed with the greatest of blessings.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, shlita
Rabbi Avraham Hazan devoted all of his energies and resources to assisting those who had transgressed against their fellow and and the wider community, and who, as a consequence, were languishing in prison. He has succeeded admirably in this venture. I turn to honorable contributor to help in whatever way possible in the efforts of Keren Hatshuva, in its holy work of restoring these tormented souls to productive lives and Torah based lifestyle. And to those that help, may they merit all of Gods blessings.

(Tammuz, 5747)

Yaacov Ganot, Head of the Israel Prison Service
The Keren Hatshuva track record reveals unparallel success in rehabilitating criminals. This reflects total devotion to the critical task at hand, inspired by the Kerens founder, Rabbi Avraham Hazan

Former Supreme Court Judge Zvi Tal
Keren Hatshuva assists ex- offenders on two levels:
Through its residential program at its hostel;
In its day center for rehabilitated drug addicts who still need therapy to strengthen their emotional resources, and prevent them from slipping back into drug dependency.
The Keren, through its intensive activities and great investment, succeeds in stabilizing these unfortunate peoples lives. The Kerens low recidivism rates are highly impressive.

Shlomo Bakish, Director of the PRA
Together with the Keren, we will continue in this holy work, which has saved and continues to save countless live of these people who are at the very edge of society, and who need us so much

Chaim Bar Lev, former Minister of Police
From the reports I read and the statistics that were shared with me, coupled with my site visits to the Kerens programs, I feel an obligation to inform you that this organization is extremely successful in its programming, and efforts to distance ex- offenders from their previous lives, and works effectively in reducing national recidivism rates.

Avraham Hoffman, Director Emeritus of the PRA
Keren Hatshuva assists the families of ex- convicts and does not restrict its support of its clients to just the first year of residency in its hostel. In fact, this support continues for several years, through funding of family lifecycle celebrations and running their households. These efforts are critical in helping ex- offenders restore their sense of personal self-worth especially in the absence of adequate government funding in this realm.

Quotes in Professors M. Sheshars book on Supreme Court Justice, Chaim Cohen - A Dialog, p 168

We witnessed a new fashion, whereby rabbis took upon themselves to work in prison environments and rehabilitate criminals, by connecting them to a religious, value filled life. It seems to have worked wonders, succeeding in both the religious and rehabilitative spheres.